Saturday, June 12, 2021

Without Remorse (2021)

“”"Tom Clancy’s”"” Without Remorse is a mindless action movie that manages to be simultaneously politically correct and frustrating to watch. There are no bad guys and no real enemies, the whole movie is an anticlimax, and the producers had the gall to leave it open for a sequel.

My favorite part of the movie was the gunshot sounds. The silencers sounded realistic, and the M16s and Russian rifles sounded distinct. For some reason the silencers were louder than the non-silenced weapons, and sometimes the gunfire was muted entirely in favor of dramatic music. Those three sound effects were pretty decent. There were also punching and exploding sounds. If you like noise, you’re in for a treat.

You don’t care about the story, do you? I hope not. To sum it up: All war is a fake CIA invention to boost the American economy. There is no real tension with Russia; it’s a show. China isn’t mentioned. Everyone redeems themselves at the end, and we learn it was all worth it and the hero gets a big bag of money but he’s still sad about his dead wife.

This movie helped me see the world in a new light: War is about friendship. Isn’t that nice? What about that Russian military base the hero blew up in Syria at the beginning of the movie? Of course, the conflict in Syria was all a big show the CIA put on to unite America against a common enemy. War isn’t real, you see. It’s just an excuse to play dress-up as soldiers and fire blanks out of prop guns. Why tell an important story when you can make it impotent? The audience is apparently too stupid to follow a story anyways. Just consume content and stop asking questions.

It reminds me of those Jack Ryan movies about Irish terrorists. Does anyone give a flying fuck about Irish terrorists? No, and that was the point. The producers didn’t have the balls to make a movie about, say, a plot to shoot up elementary schools. The Syrian setting at the beginning of the film was a ruse to make it seem relevant, like the desert setting in the Jack Ryan movies. Irish terrorists in a Middle Eastern desert. Sounds legit, right? Can’t have the heroes killing Muslims, that wouldn’t be PC. Can’t have actual cold war tensions, that’s too risky. Grow a pair. Jesus fucking Christ.