Saturday, April 2, 2022

Webmaster (1998)

The title of the ultimate cyberpunk film is not a mathematical construct, it’s a profession and a way of life. Open your tubes to Webmaster.


No one is safe in cyberworld.

In the hackerverse of Skyggen, J.B. is a bad motherfucker with a weave to make a scrub crack. His mind enters the meta and exits with the data. Defender of the cyberverse, this veritable cybermonk jacks crackers and tracks hackers that want to infiltrate the memory bank.

But then some badder motherfuckers capture the ultimate bald Riddick prototype and make him their bitch. Is he a bad enough dude to stop them from running React AI on BlockChain? LinkedIn didn’t exist in those days, but this motherfucker is linked deeper than an undersea cable. A hacker by ’90s standards, a cracker in any decade.